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Count On Us for Professional Office Moves

Your business won't suffer from unnecessary moving delays. We have experience moving all kinds of offices, and we ensure you're settled into your new location in as short a time as possible.

Packing Office

Commercial Moves

Simply provide us with details about your office space, including the amount of shelves and the number of filing cabinets. It's also important to let us know what floor you're currently on and whether you're moving into a high-rise building. Special care is required when moving computers. We ask that you disassemble your computers and box them up. If we are providing packing services, we put computers in boxes for protection during the move. When we get to your new location, we put all boxes where requested.

Estimating Your Costs

Most office moves require an estimator on-site to go over what's going to be moved. We charge more if you want us to tear down and pack up your office equipment. You can purchase additional insurance coverage for specialized equipment. Call today and get started.